This is Me

There are two questions that make me cringe:

  1. “What do you do?”
  2. “Can you tell me a little about yourself?”

So thinking about what to write on this page has had me pacing nervously. I find it hard to classify myself. My answers come with caveats and appendices, and they’re hard to sum up in a few quick sentences. I don’t live an ‘in a nutshell’ kind of life. But I’ll give it a go….

What I do and what I have done:

I’ve worked predominately in the arts, and more specifically theatre and circus for the past 20 years. I’ve been an Artistic Director, director, editor, writer, dramaturg, actor, clown, circus performer, manager, administrator, teacher, critic, student, academic, mentor, community arts facilitator, and stage manager. I’ve run a children’s entertainment company, and started a theatre company. I’m also a visual artist. I’ve toured Australia as a performer, and in my last position toured internationally as an Artistic Director with a famous French-named circus. Oh and I’ve also been a tour guide at the rubbish dump (yep!), and done my fair share of ‘paying the rent’ jobs. There’s so much I’m interested in and so much I want to do, so historically I’ve just gone ahead and done all of it. Now I’m trying to look after myself better, and focus on less than a hundred things at a time: I’m working from home as I’m healing from home, freelancing as a writer, artist, and consultant (I didn’t say I’d made it to one thing at a time yet!)

Oh and the other thing I do is get sick. I’m very good at it! I have a cluster-fuck large list of auto-immune conditions and their associated shitty challenging symptoms (for those of you playing along, they include: SLE lupus, sjogrens, SVT, fibromyalgia, vasculitis, ME/CFS… ah, that will do for now). This has meant that I have had to stop working, change my work, and reconsider my life more times than I care to remember, and this is where I am once more. Facing your own mortality, being frustrated by no longer being able to do things that you loved and/or found easy, and giving up on dreams when you’re still living them, are very difficult things to deal with. Finishing up my dream ‘tour the world’ job and coming home to heal… again… has made me stop and reconsider this great big life of mine and made me question who I am, making me feel a little RAW (once more!)

A little about myself:

So you may have guessed I fall into the category of ‘creative’ (others might say ‘arty farty’). If I’m not creating, I’m not living.

I’ve also been a passionate nature enthusiast since I was tiny. I was a greenie, hippy child in the 80s when everyone else (including my family) thought that was just plain weird (most of my family still do). I wanted to become a vegetarian at the age of 3, once I realised where meat came from, and finally stopped eating meat for good when I was 13. I try to make my footsteps on the earth as light as possible. After my time as a world-traveling gypsy artist, my dream life is now to live a self-sufficient, simple, eco-friendly (and bank balance friendly) lifestyle in a natural surrounding. As part of my commitment to healing and living as eco-friendly a life as possible, we moved to the NSW south coast in February of this year, and started living a simple and RAW life (once more! I’ve followed this path before, but lost myself and thrown it away). We try to eat organic and local foods, we have a chemical-free house, we are discovering the joys of growing our own food, and making everything from scratch. We are trying to do away with the clutter of consumerism and live a minimally abundant life.

I love to travel and have lived throughout Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Canada.

I’m a peaceful dreamer who over thinks everything and worries about the practicalities. A lover, not a fighter, who doesn’t mind a passionate rant and a fiery debate. A recovering perfectionist and a type A personality now trying to calm the hell down.  I’ve always rushed around trying to achieve everything, and now I’m trying to slow down and just BE; be still, be who I want to be and need to be.

I’m 37, Piscean, Australian, and am in my 10th year of marriage to my wonderful soul mate, Mr Raw.

Oh and if you hadn’t noticed, I’m verbose and I ramble. You’ll get used to it 😉

  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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